In a world where vegetables rule, a little turnip tries to find back his grandpa lost in the castle of their ancestors.

This game was made during the Brackeys Jam 2020.2.
The player is able to "rewind" time to play as the grandfather  in order to help the young turnip. As the two characters do not evolve at the same time, the configuration of the rooms changes and the grandfather must therefore modify his environment to facilitate the passage to his grandson. The grandfather also benefits from a wall jump.


if you play with a keyboard

   => arrow keys to walk and jump

   => r to  switch  between grandfather and grandson

   => e to  complete a level

if you play with a controller (recommended)

   => joystick to walk and a to jump

   => y to  switch  between grandfather and grandson

   => x to  complete a level


Turnip Castle (win).zip 22 MB


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its hard


The video of a complete run of the game